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Science Magazine,great news!Fullerene have breakthrough achievements on catalyze.


         College ofChemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, Fujian Institute ofResearch on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and XiamenFunano New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. Worked together for the public ofresearch paper “Ambient-pressure synthesis of ethylene glycol catalyzed by C60-bufferedCu/SiO2”Science 2022,Vol. 376,Issue 6590,pp.242-243 on 15th of April.

The research was conducted and co-workedby Xiamen Funano New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd(abbre. Funano), Academicianof Chinese Academy of Science, Xie Suyuan(abbre.: academician Xie), and ZhenLansun, and Professor Zheng Youzhu. The research breakthrough used thefullerene`s unique electronic property and structure to modify the Cu/SiO2catalyst. Cu catalyst with fullerenes, which are molecules made of carbon atomsorganized in a spherical structure such as in C60. The method stabilizes thecatalytic species and enables the hydrogenation of DMO into ethylene glycolunder mild conditions of pressure.

Xiamen Funano New Materials TechnologyCo.,Ltd have started the cooperation with academician Xie Suyuan from 2016,since 2017 academician Xie act as the principal scientist of Funano, co-workingfor the R&D and industrialize of fullerenes, which enrich the macro syntheticand separation of fullerene, and the technology and products of fullerene.During the cooperation, Funano and Xiamen University team actively explored thefullerene”Electron Buffering effect”, the promoting of Cu based catalyzesystem. During the research, we find out that when doing the methanol catalyticreforming reaction,  fullerene have goodpromotion on traditional Cu-Zn-Al catalyze system, and can reduce the catalyzetemperature, elevate the rate of methanol conversion, reduce the CO selectivity,and upgrade the output of hydrogen.

The research helps the use of fullereneto hydrogen energy. Based on this, the Funano team together with the team ofAcademician Xie and Professor Yuan,started the project of “ Mobileethanol-hydrogen new energy system”. The project aims at solve the problems oflow cost and high efficiency of high purity hydrogen separation technology,system self-thermal cycle management control technology, highly integratedintelligent control technology and other key technologies to assemble  out the first R&D and core technologicalFullerene-Cu catalyzed “5kw mobile ethanol-hydrogen new energy system”  prototype. For the future, the project willbring in more advanced research and manufacture technology, integrate andupgrade mobile ethanol-hydrogen new energy system, reduce the volume andweight. We aim to provide the portable power supply, family standby powersupply, base station power supply, EREV, alcohol-hydrogen fuel EV, DPGS, on sitehydrogen making system etc. We named with the brand name”Mai heng”.

        Xiamen Funano New Material Technolgoy Co.,Ltd (also known as: FunanoCo.,Ltd) is a leading fullerene manufacture, focusing on the industry scalemanufacture  of fullerene, the fullereneapplication of different fields and wild application of new fullereneapplications. After more than tens year`s R&D and manufacture experience,Funano solved the problem of mass produce of fullerene, and by self R&D andcooperation with different knowledgeable teams, we developed the fullerenerelated industrial catalyze, biological medicine, new energy etc fields. In thefuture, we will keep R&D and invest more, and by the platform of “Fullerene+”,Funano will develop the use of fullerene, push forward and practice “Let thefullerene for human beings.”

Link of thepaperhttps://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abo3155